Yes it's a boring topic for most, but for those amongst us who really want to get this sorted out, it's time to have an event.

Last month (Oct 31) we had an answering event, and did a massive cleanout of the unanswered questions, which was fantastic. With a surge of traffic this month and a lot of new users asking questions on new topics, our tags have grown, and we've had much debate on plurals vs singulars and the like.

As such, an event (unfortunately it'll require that you have enough points to suggest tag edits and the like) to add these and approve them should help with this - if all the descriptions for tags are there, people are more likely to use the right ones. for registration, come one come all, 9.30am UTC on November 30th.

@pnuts this was 4 years ago... – Mark Mayo Aug 18 '15 at 5:34
Well it was a chat event that finished 4 years ago. So it's unlikely to tackle those things you mentioned. If you mean in general, sure, but you posted on a post specifically about a chat event from 2011. – Mark Mayo Aug 18 '15 at 5:37

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