The "about"-page has been redesigned, which I find a good idea. It comes with a sample question, Required Vaccinations in Eastern Europe, although the accepted answer in the example and the actual answer are different (the real accepted answer is much better).

Is there a better Q/A pair that doesn't need editing before being put onto the "about"-page?

Interestingly, the most upvoted non-toilet questions are about general advice rather than specific issues (as in: how do I get by ferry from A to B). Is that the type of questions we would want new users to ask?

Moderators can see a list of permissible questions at . The requirements unfortunately exclude many good Q/A pairs: the posts must be almost devoid of markup and must be short. Moderators can select the question but not the answers. – Gilles Jan 21 '13 at 23:51

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